• 1882 Wines Logo The 1882 brand went through many iterations to reach its final, elegant form. The client wanted an identity that would reflect the vintage of a family-owned country house while maintaining discretion about its exact location.

  • "1882" – Premium Tier The 1882 Wines banner includes three product tiers. The premium "1882" range favours simple elegance, letting the outstanding wines speak for themselves.

  • "The Times" - Entry Level Tier The 1882 Wines banner includes three product tiers. As the entry level tier, each label in "The Times" series includes a notable event from 1882, drawing on ones curiosity to see all of the varieties. Copy writing and illustration were completed in-house.

  • 1882 Wines Website In keeping with the stark simplicity of the premium tier, the 1882 Wines website is clean and elegant, placing focus on the product. Visit 1882 Wines →

  • 1882 Wines Website The client requested a site more in keeping with the design aesthetics of a fashion brand than a wine label. Throughout the site, bottles are posed to bring visual impact to the site's blank canvas. Visit 1882 Wines →

  • 1882 Wines Website The site features an online ordering facility integrated with a secure credit card portal. Visit 1882 Wines →


branding / web / packaging / photography

1882 Wines is not your typical vintner. In addition to producing a crisp, fruity riesling on site, the two Justins seek out the gems of each vintage from each of Australia’s best wine regions. A long and thoughtful design development process led to the establishment of three product tiers; “1882” on the top shelf, “The Old Road” in the middle of the road and “The Times” rounding out the price range.

The fashion-inspired website includes a custom order form complete with postage calculation. Bottle photography and retouching was completed in-studio.