• Adam Internet Logo We created a fresh take on the Adam Internet logo that captures the spirit of a small, user-focused ISP without losing the familiarity of the old brand.

  • Adam Naked TVC The commercial that started our 6+ year relationship with Adam Internet was so successful that it had to be temporarily pulled from air to let Adam's call center keep up with demand.

  • Adam Website A huge amount of research, design development and collaboration went into creating the award-winning Adam Internet site. View the site on the Way Back Machine.

  • Adam Cloud Microsite Adam Internet wanted to launch their new cloud computing service for business with bang. To accompany a launch event at the Clipsal 500, we created this microsite in house in just a couple of weeks. The finished site can still be viewed on View the site on the Way Back Machine.

  • Adam Half 'n' Half TVC This concept grew out of our continual need to reinterpret the same old deal being offered by the client.

  • Adam Internet City-Bay Voucher A full page (140x195mm) voucher for inclusion in the 2012 City to Bay fun run participant's booklet. A number of light-hearted headlines were created and the client selected the version shown at the front.

  • Adam Internet WiFi Sticker A window sticker for public Adam Internet WiFi hotspot areas.

  • Adam NBN Newsletter We created a new HTML email template for Adam Internet's customer newsletters. This example is a status report showing the progress of the NBN rollout. Hover over the image to scroll…

  • Adam Facebook App Adam came to us with a desire to run a competition through their social media presence. We created a Facebook app complete with database back end that made it a snap for one member of their marketing team to run the entire campaign.

  • Adam Outdoor Marketing Bus backs for Adam Internet's "Connecting SA for 25 Years" and "Winter Warmer" campaigns.

  • Adam Outdoor Marketing Bus backs for Adam Internet's "Get Naked!" and "Ripper Deal" campaigns.

  • Adam Business Cloud Pull-Ups Pull-up banners for Adam Business Cloud events.

  • Adam Internet Pull-Ups Pull-up banners for Adam Internet's Winter Warmer, Pick & Mix and NBN offers.

  • Adam Internet Pull-Ups Pull-up banners for Adam Internet's Connecting SA brand refresh.

Adam Internet

web / branding / graphic design / video

We proudly cite Adam Internet as one of our great success stories. The South Australian ISP came on board in 2007 for a television commercial to promote their unique “Naked” ADSL 2+ plans. We responded to the brief with an ad that generated so many new residential enquiries that it had to be temporarily pulled from air to let their call centre catch up. The “Naked Man” commercial went on to become a memorable icon of their market presence that is still recognised by locals years after the campaign ended.

Successful Conclusion

Our 6 year relationship brought us a host of fun creative challenges too numerous to count and saw Adam’s revenue more than double.

In late 2013, Adam Internet was sold to Iinet for $60 Million.

Brief Summary

So what did we do for Adam? Brand refreshes, an award winning website, TV commercials, radio commercials, cinema ads, online banner advertising, product naming, christmas promotions, an HTML5 game, Facebook promotions, pull-up banners, bus-back advertisements, vehicle wraps, press ads, printed flyers, brochures, business cards, signage, interior branding, 3D merchandising, corporate videos, targeted business campaigns and special promotional projects just starts to scratch the surface.

Award-Winning Website

Redesigning the Adam Internet website was without doubt the longest and most intricate site developments that we have been involved with. The site needed to be fast, clean and easy to use while meeting certain design goals set personally by the chairman. We collaborated extensively with web builders Plastyk as well as Adam Internet’s own web and marketingn departments and in September 2013 our hard work was rewarded with The Web Marketing Award for Best Internet Provider Website.

Sadly, the site has since been replaced with a duplicate of Iinet’s generic website template.