• Astelec Logo With a focus on fibre-optic networking, this brand for Astelec combines a representation of the client's product in a fresh and dynamic mark.

  • Astelec Stationery Letterhead and with comps feature watermark accents for added page depth. The corporate green was carefully tested and adjusted on both coated and uncoated stock to ensure legibility of text.

  • Astelec Website The mobile responsive WordPress website features full-width photography and a gallery of recent projects. Visit Astelec →

  • Astelec Photography To compliment the website development and future promotions, we shot a series of photographs that capture the professionalism and work quality of Astelec's crew.

  • Astelec Vehicle Branding As an established company, we knew from the start that the winning design would have to compliment large-scale application to Astelec's Fleet of trucks and vans.

  • Astelec Uniforms The brand also needed to hold up in monochrome when applied to high-visibility work wear.


branding / web / photography

Astelec specialise in building Fibre Optic, Telecommunications, and Electrical infrastructure and data centres.

We knew from day one that the Astelec logo mark needed to hold up as well on work vans and management vehicles as it did on web pages and stationery. The solution employs a sense of perspective to look great at any scale. Its even height and width combined with interesting triangular negative spaces ease application onto not-quite-rectangular vehicle body panels.