• Calvary Maternity Brochure A clean, bright and inviting brochure aimed at expectant parents.

  • Calvary Maternity Brochure The design aims to combine comfort with clinical professionalism, much as the client cares for their patients.

  • Calvary Babies TVC We created this commercial for Calvary Maternity to celebrate their 70,000th birth and showcase their facilities.

  • Calvary Babies Website To coincide with the release of a TV commercial, we created this website Calvary Maternity Care. The site celebrated of the hospital's 70,000th baby as well as being a comprehensive online brochure for expectant parents.

  • Calvary Babies Responsive Website Several years later we built a new, mobile-responsive WordPress version of the site for Calvary Maternity to meet the changing needs and trends of modern web usage. Visit Calvary Babies →

  • Calvary Babies Print A series of block mounted posters help to introduce life and colour to the clinical hallways of the hospital ward.

  • Calvary Babies Prints Each print is designed to be seen either individually or as part of the entire group.

  • Calvary Maternity Frieze Calvary Maternity Wall Decor

Calvary Babies

graphic design / web / video

In addition to a TV commercial, website and brochures, we helped to liven up the halls at the Calvary North Adelaide Maternity Ward with a series of block-mounted prints carrying on the the bright visual theme of other collateral.