• EzyClamp Logo The EzyClamp logo represents the named product in a simple form that makes it instantly recognisable. Bold text weight makes the mark suitable for stamping into the stainless steel surface of each product.

  • EzyClamp Business Card As EzyClamps are made out of stainless steel, it made sense to incorporate a metallic ink into their business cards. The particular print process used meant that the metallic option only cost a little more than CMYK.

  • EzyClamp Forms These interactive PDF forms allow the client to take orders on a tablet, even while away from an internet connection. Later, they can easily be printed and emailed straight from the device.


branding / graphic design

This project started with the generation of hundreds of name ideas that were then whittled back to a select shortlist for the client to choose from. With the essence of the product distilled in a name, we then moved on to create a unique mark that would suit the client’s needs.

Business cards and an interactive PDF order form quickly followed to get the business up and running with a head start.