• Gannon Logo The Gannon Lifestyle Group logo aims to convey the bright, vibrant living experience that residents can expect from their group of retirement villages.

  • Gannon Estate Logos Each of the logos created for Gannon's group of retirement facilities incorporates a familiar aspect of the local geography. The Gannon sun-ray element and consistent colour schemes ensure brand salience.

  • Angle Vale Gardens Brochure Each estate's brochure is the same size and format for but with a unique graphical styling. This reflects both the individuality of each location and the support of the organisation as a whole.

  • Griffith Brochure A mixture of stock images and real photography are used to keep the budget in check while showing genuine facilities.

  • Tamworth Gardens Brochure Negative space and large photographs construct a visual environment that reflects the relaxed and stress-free nature of the product on offer.

  • Tamworth Website As with the brochures, a common template is used for brand consistency.

  • Tamworth Website The format for these CMS-driven sites was intentionally kept in to a more traditional style that is compatible with older browsers and less experienced users.

  • Tamworth Website Copy is written and images selected to appeal to both potential residents and their families.


branding / graphic design / web

Retirement living is a rapidly growing industry with vendors offering different degrees of accommodation and care to our ageing population. Hitting the right tone is a delicate balance as every piece must hold appeal for both potential residents and their much younger family members. Over time, we’ve created collateral to help Gannon sell out existing villages and establish interest in brand new ones across South Australia and the Eastern States.

Branding for both Gannon as a whole and each of their retirement estates. Press ads, brochures, flyers, websites, SEO, stationery, billboards, business cards and corporate DVDs.