• John Shearer Website Who says a company that opened its doors when civilization moved on horse-back can't have a modern, mobile responsive website that makes use of CSS3 features? The site is built on the powerful WordPress CMS and includes a nifty Google Maps based dealer locator. Visit John Shearer →

  • John Shearer Logo Before website work could begin, the John Shearer logo needed a cleanup job that would both bring it into the 21st century and compliment the existing brand used on their machines.

  • Shearer Belt Buckle John Shearer's demographic are Australian farmers and Australian farmers like belt buckles of their favourite brands. We designed these to be a comfortable size and shape for everyday use and were hand made in the US.

  • John Shearer Pricebook A limited run of this 44 page price book were produced for distribution to John Shearer dealers.

  • Shearer Machine Flyers John Shearer's range of machines flyers were sadly in need of a graphic designer's touch. We took new photos of many of their machines and put together a range of flyers that are good looking and informative.

  • Shearer Arabic Documents Two of the flyers created for John Shearer needed to be translated into Arabic for an export opportunity. We worked with a professional translator to ensure that the finished products communicate well without skimping on design.

John Shearer

branding / web / graphic design

After we completed the Brownbuilt website, the Arrowcrest group quickly put us back to work on a new site for another division, John Shearer farm equipment. Shearer’s machines have a great reputation for longevity but their website was well and truly worn out after more than 10 years online without and change to the design at all.


The first step was to redraw and freshen up their ageing brand. We removed some dated embellishments, evened up letter-forms and established a comprehensive set of logo variations for use throughout their marketing collateral.

With brief in hand we cycled through our normal research process and then designed a series of concept visuals for the client to review. We knew, however, that we would likely have a problem getting out ideas across using just still images. In order to convey some of the modern features that we wanted to included in the site, we broke the still visuals down into a number of components and the reassembled them into an interactive HTML slideshow that would simulate the behaviour of the finished product. The the concept was enthusiastically approved and the website was completed using WordPress to allow for the easy addition of new plugins down the track.


As an interesting side project, the John Shearer lads mentioned that a belt buckle would make for a popular promotional item with their dealers and end users. The bespoke buckles were spin-cast and hand finished in the USA based on our revised logo.