• Pawnbrokers World Website While Pawnbrokers World have a physical store at Norwood, ebay is a hugely important part of their daily trade. We built this website to incorporate items from their ebay store via RSS so that visitors would always see new and relevant content. Visit Pawnbrokers World →

  • Pawnbrokers World Website The contact form is accessible from any page on the site. Visit Pawnbrokers World →

  • Pawnbrokers World Website High quality stock photographs were used to add character to the top of each page. Textual content was about evenly written in house and provided by the client. Visit Pawnbrokers World →

  • Pawnbrokers World Website The client is a qualified second hand jewellery specialist with an excellent reputation. This page links to his popular and informative guides on purchasing valuables on ebay for improved SEO. Visit Pawnbrokers World →

  • Pawnbrokers World Website This about page features two slow-fading slideshows showcasing the store and the owner's qualifications. Visit Pawnbrokers World →

Pawnbrokers World

branding / web / graphic design

We created this neat and informative website for Norwood-based Pawnbrokers World in 2012. The site features an RSS-driven gallery of items from the clients very successful ebay store. While this functionality was already available in the CMS that we chose, ebay’s RSS feed at the time only supplied 80 x 80px thumbnails. We worked around this with some custom Javascript that fetched the high-resolution images from their servers instead.

When we began the design process, the client didn’t really have a logo, so we came up with a simple text-based identity for the top of the site. The client liked what we had created so much that he re-branded his shop to match!