• Salome TVC The State Opera of South Australia aren't able to use footage from performances in advertisements so we were allowed broad creative scope to interpret the story of Salome into an engaging commercial.

  • Madame Butterfly TVC Each commercial in this series needed to look unique while remaining within the established visual language. Textural elements are carried over from one TVC to the next while new animation styles are explored for each story.

  • La Forza TVC In the case of La Forza, fortune and fate are communicated visually in the form of taro cards. This interpretation represents key characters and plot points in a form that maintains the paper theme of the other ads in the series.

  • La Traviata TVC In the 2014 season we returned to form with this exiting animation for La Traviata.

State Opera


The State Opera brought us an unusual challenge &emdash; create advertisements for their 2013 productions of Salome, La Forza and Madame Butterfly without using and footage of the performances. We took the unique opportunity to team up Martina, graphic designer and culture guru work closely with the video department for an extended period and explore some new styles of animation.

Repeat Performance

We have been invited back again for the 2014 season and have already gotten off to a great start with La Traviata.